Zoom Parties with Island Troy

Island Troy plays Zoom parties

The year 2020 has brought on big change for everyone. Island Troy has continued his live performance schedule but he has now added Virtual online Zoom events. Online events include Corporate gatherings that have now moved online such as holiday parties and work anniversaries. Families have learned to do online home schooling and now many people are hosting birthdays, anniversaries and weekend parties on Zoom. Island Troy has found new opportunities helping companies and families navigate this new online option by providing his traditional family friendly musical entertainment. Whether it is the island music that Troy has been known for or holiday themed parties with specialized music. Getting online to have Zoom parties and events has become an exciting option for many companies, families, and Island Troy.

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Who can have a Zoom Party

Anyone can have a Zoom party or event. Later we will explain how to get online with a Zoom event but it all starts with you planning your event. Pick a date and get your invitations out to everyone with instructions to help them get online with Zoom.

How to host a Zoom party


If your party has a theme then a virtual background is a must have. You can be anywhere you want with a virtual background, express yourself and invite others to share in your virtual location with a fun background.

Do I need a Basic or Pro account?

The Basic accounts allow you to host one-on-one meetings with no time limit, and up to 100 participants in your party for up to 40 minutes at a time. If you’d like to host a Zoom party with your Basic account, you can start a new meeting after the 40-minute limit and allow guests to rejoin as many times as you want. 

If you want an uninterrupted experience plus advanced features like polling, upgrade to a Pro account. With no meeting time limit, you and your guests can Zoom on as long as you like!

Ready to jump in? Here’s how to schedule a Zoom meetinginvite others to your virtual hangout, and keep your meeting secure.

What is in the future for online events

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The new normal has changed how we work, go to school and meet with others. This is not temporary, sure we might have gotten into Zoom parties because of our stay at home lifestyle in 2020 but online gatherings are sure to be here to stay. Soon we will get back to meeting in person and going to see Island Troy play live, we will get back to a newer normal. With that said, people have found a new way to stay in touch, meet and party online. The truth is Zoom meetings bring people together in a very new and exciting way.

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