Bushwacker a hearty milkshake drink

bushwackedThis is one smooth milkshake, think of an extra special mudslide. The BVI-born concoction is a stronk yet deceiving blended drink that uses mostly ice to balance out its high alcohol content.

They’re a great cool-down drink by the beach or as a devilish desert.

My favourites are served on a weekend while listening to Island Troy .

  • 1 Oz Coco
  • Lopez 2 oz
  • Baileys 1 Oz
  • Kahlua 1 Oz
  • Vodka 1 Oz Coconut Rum (Malibu)
  • 1 Oz Amaretto (ounce left over for extra lovin)
TIP: Blend with ice, swirl glass with chocolate and sprinkle with nutmeg before serving poolside.